Coaching for Accountants

Success in any finance role is underpinned by a great mix of skills and experience. Coaching for accountants is a fantastic way to develop yourself as a successful finance professional.

Work with me if you are:

#1 Taking on a new role

When you step in to a new role you bring with you all the skills and experience you have to date. Now you need to use your knowledge differently and learn new skills. You need to build new relationships and understand a new organisation or adapt your view of the same one. This can be quite challenging and of course, you are up for the challenge!

Working with a coach provides you with a strong sounding board. A coach listens to you and challenges as well as supports your thinking. This enables you to explore your ideas in more depth in a very safe way. Taking time to work with a coach accelerates your leaning and enhances your performance.

#2 Leading

You are a leader in most finance roles. It can be technical, people or organisational leadership and is often all three. Your approach and style as a leader are important factors in how successful you are. It is something that good leaders never stop working on.

You can develop greater flexibility in your style and approach through working with a coach. The work that we do here looks at your values and beliefs to bring out authenticity in your leadership. Working with a coach to develop as a leader enables you to be more confident, understand yourself and others in more depth and be a better leader.

#3 Facing personal change

There are often times in life where things happen that mean the same ‘rules’ no longer apply. This can be about approaching retirement or wanting to ease down a little, returning to work after a break, coping with illness or loss for example. It can leave you thinking in circles, going round and round and not really making any decisions about what you want or how you can change to adapt to your new situation.

Working with a coach allows you to break free from the circular thinking and productively explore your options and how these impact on your working life. It enables you to make good decisions about your future and then implement them.

#4 Developing your skills

Being in a finance role in practice or in a corporate has always required more than technical finance skills. Arguably there is currently a greater need for finance professionals to have better skills in communication, listening and influencing for example. You will know that it is always possible to develop the skills you have in these areas further. Indeed, it is often these softer skills that make the difference in career progression.

You may well have attended training courses to develop softer skills and this will have been of real benefit to you. How can you take it further though and make these skills more natural for you? Coaching in these areas allows you to identify which aspects really work well for you and how to amplify these. It will look at the areas where you are not so strong and how you can manage these more effectively. Coaching for accountants builds your abilities and confidence beyond the training course.

#5 Working with clients

Most finance roles involve working with clients, either external or internal. This demands a good mix of skills and increasingly it is way more than just about numbers. There is real skill in being able to communicate financial and technical information to others who may not share your level of knowledge. Being able to tell the story behind the figures and explore with your clients what this means for the future is essential. It is going beyond this that truly makes the difference though.

Working with a coach you can explore the detail of the clients you work with. Your relationship with clients will be unique to you. Working on this enables you to develop new approaches to achieve more with them. Coaching for accountants has the double benefit of greater success for both you and your clients


If one or more of the situations above applies to you as a finance professional, then coaching is a fantastic way to develop yourself further and achieve greater success.

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