Coaching for Business Owners

Success for business owners is underpinned by a great mix of skills and experience. Coaching is a fantastic way to support you as you develop and grow your business.

You can work with me to:

#1 Get really clear on your purpose, strategy and business goals

As the driving force in your business, what you want to achieve is central to it. Being really clear on why you are in business and the purpose you have is vital in achieving what you want for yourself and your business. This clarity underpins business strategy and allows you to define business goals that are truly aligned with who you are and what you want.

I provide you with a strong sounding board, I am independent and have no vested interest in your business. I listen carefully to you and challenge as well as support your thinking. This enables you to explore your ideas in more depth in a very safe way. The way we will work together is both powerful and empowering.

#2 Develop how you Lead

As a business owner you are the leader in your business, whether you have a team working for you or not. Your approach and style as a leader are important factors in how successful you are. It is something that good leaders never stop working on.

You can develop greater flexibility in your style and approach through working with me as your coach. The work that we do here looks at your values and beliefs to bring out more authenticity in your leadership. Working with me enables you to be more confident, understand yourself and others in more depth and be a better leader.

#3 Handle personal change

There are often times in life where things happen that mean the same ‘rules’ no longer apply. This can be about approaching retirement or wanting to ease down a little, returning to work after a break, coping with illness or loss for example. It can leave you thinking in circles, going round and round and not really making any decisions about what you want or how you can change to adapt to your new situation.

Working with me allows you to break free from the circular thinking and productively explore your options and how these impact on your working life. It enables you to make good decisions about your future and then implement them.

#4 Deal with tough decisions

We can face some tough decisions as business owners, often these can impact on other people’s lives which make it even harder to find a way through. Our past experience does not always provide enough support for us in making these decisions. We can avoid decisions and get lost in analysis and over thinking.

I can work with you to explore the beliefs you have and assumptions you are making about decisions. You are possibly not aware of these, they can be both helpful and unhelpful for your decisions. We can explore options in depth in a safe and completely confidential way. You will know that you have been thorough and worked hard to come to a good decision.

#5 Adapt to a changing world

Survival and success depend on being able to adapt to change. When we are faced with change, we can often avoid doing what we need to do to adapt. This can have negative consequences. Good businesses anticipate and prepare for change that affects them and as a business owner this is an important part of what you do.

I believe that any change I want always starts with me. If you share this belief then working with me as your coach can support you. The beliefs and assumptions that we have about our world affect how we respond to change. Our work will look at the role you can play in change and what supports you in that as well as what can get in your way.


If one or more of the situations above applies to you as a business owner, then coaching is a fantastic way to develop yourself further and achieve greater success.

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