How we can work together

Working together effectively requires openness, recognising and valuing individual strengths  and great communication, built on a foundation of trust.

Working as your coach

A coaching relationship is built on a foundation of trust and confidentiality. Before we agree to work together we will ensure that there is a good fit and we can work together well. This is essential for you to achieve the outcomes you want and for me to be an effective coach.

Clarity over what you want to achieve through coaching is really important. I will listen carefully to you and ensure that your goals are clearly documented and act as a reference for each coaching session.  I will provide a proposal that outlines the work we will do, how we will work and the costs involved,

When we meet for each coaching session I will explore with you the progress you have made and how that shapes what we work on in the session.

As a Barefoot trained coach and a member of the International Coach Federation I work to clear ethical and professional standards.

Working with you as a consultant

Our work together may be a one-off project or hopefully we can establish a longer term working relationship.

Clarity over what we want to achieve is vital so I will listen carefully to you and respond with a proposal that demonstrates how I will work with you and details the costs involved.

Our work will focus on real situations and challenges. This will ensure that everyone can relate to and engage directly with the work to create the improvements we are seeking.

Everyone when taking on a new skill or making other changes needs to take time to make sense and meaning from what is happening. This is an important factor that I will build in to how I work with you and teams.

Working with you as a mediator

I work with you to gain a clear understanding of the issue(s). Then, as part of the preparation for mediation, I talk with each party to understand their perspective and start to build the trust that is needed.

I can organise the logistics for the mediation or work with you to do this.

During the mediation, I use the skills and discipline of the CEDR mediation process together with my experience and creativity to work with the parties towards a successful outcome.

After the mediation I follow up with the parties and you as required.

If this sounds good to you and you’d like to have a conversation then please get in touch…


Privacy policy

At Anchored Tiger Ltd we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the services you have requested from us.
We will not share your personal information or pass your details on to other organisations.

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