Riding to change

Next month will see the seven-year anniversary of a moment in time that has real significance for me. It was a day when I did something that I believed I could never do.

What happened

For a number of years, I was lucky to have holidays at the Rocking Z Ranch in Montana USA (www.Rockingz.com ).  On the ranch they have a herd of around 80 horses and each night the horses roam freely across the ranch lands. That means each morning there is a job required to bring the horses in for the day’s activities.

Normally, I had seen very experienced riders go out and bring the horses in. I told myself that it was something I would never be a good enough rider to do. I was wrong.

One evening Anna, a very dear friend and one of the family who own Rocking Z, surprised me. She said that she had kept Sizzle, the horse I was riding, in for the night.  We would ride out in the morning to bring the horses in. I was both excited and nervous and a little scared too.

The experience I had that morning is something I will never forget. I was not prepared for all the feelings and sensations I experienced or for the impact it would have on the rest of my life.

When we found the herd Anna suggested I kept a little bit away from the main group. I soon discovered why. When the horses came past me, even though they were a good 20 metres away, I felt a jolt of energy through my body. It was an incredible experience. Riding back to the ranch behind the herd I felt really proud of myself and slightly incredulous at what I was doing.

What it meant

I was definitely outside my comfort zone and it was a terrific opportunity for me to learn about myself. My belief about not being a good enough rider was a lie. I may not have brought in the horses in the way others did. They often rode bareback with the herd. But I had done it,  I did something that I believed that I could never do! It got me wondering where else in my life I was making similar assumptions.

When I need to find courage to try something new or put myself outside my comfort zone I often think of this experience. It has taught me to question the beliefs and assumptions I have about myself and situations. It was a real turning point for me as I came back from that holiday a different person. This led me to make other changes in how I showed up at work and ultimately in the type of work I did.

I know that if Anna had not pushed me, I would never have done this. My trust in her and in my horse Sizzle, made it possible for me to do something that I believed that I never could.



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