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Feelings on leaving the corporate world

I have had many conversations with women about their feelings on leaving the corporate world. They want to work in a different way and to have more balance in their lives. I have noticed a pattern in the feelings they talk about. The feelings resonated with me, and I hope they will with you too. Feeling […]

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You are not your labels – part 2

Often one of the first things someone will ask you when they first meet you is ‘What do you do?’. In answering this question, you will use labels for yourself. What labels do you use and what do they say about you? The labels you use for yourself are one way you make sense of […]

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You are not your labels – part 1

What labels do you have and what is their impact on you? One of the ways we make sense of our world is to categorise it. This means that we naturally label things, people, and ourselves. I will come back to the labels we give ourselves in part 2 but let’s explore the world of […]

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Riding to change

Next month will see the seven-year anniversary of a moment in time that has real significance for me. It was a day when I did something that I believed I could never do. What happened For a number of years, I was lucky to have holidays at the Rocking Z Ranch in Montana USA (www.Rockingz.com ). […]

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Women at work: the road we are on…

In this article I look at some of the markers of progress women have made in the workplace. I consider the road we are on and where we may be heading. It is over 100 years since women were able to vote in the UK and were able to enter professions such as law and […]

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Seven lasting benefits of working with a coach

I want to talk about the lasting benefits of working with a coach. Often people think of coaching as a remedy to fix a problem and yes, this can be true. There are lasting benefits though.  Coaching is a way of working towards being the best you that you can be. So, whatever work you […]

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Accountancy and Coaching… Who Knew?!

I am working in an accountancy practice after a gap of 19 years. I also work as a leadership coach and I find the combination of accountancy and coaching really interesting. Here’s why. Technology and communication The impact and changes that have been driven by technology and improved communication are amazing. Clients use technology in […]

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Executing Strategy – “we need to keep it simple, but not too simple”

When it comes to executing strategy it is helpful to remember Einstein’s quote: “We need to make things simple, but not too simple.” There are two things I believe are essential to success in executing strategy: great communication and learning. The strategy for your organisation is your best guess at what will work to achieve […]

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Three big reasons why you should bother with strategic planning

When was the last time you heard someone say ‘I am going to a strategic planning meeting’ with enthusiasm? Yep, I struggled to answer that one too. In todays busy fast paced, ever changing world it is easy to think that spending time planning anything, let alone strategy, is just a waste of time. After […]

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7 reasons why trust is critical to team success

Success depends on good teamwork. However you define success in your organisation, it is likely that achieving it needs more than one person to do the work. People work better together when they trust one another.  Here are 7 reasons why trust is critical to teamwork and success. #1 Focus is on the work When […]

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Thinking about Trust…

The formula I use to explore how organisations can improve their results is: (strategy x execution)trust = results. From the book ‘The Speed of Trust’ by Stephen M. R. Covey.

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Creating a Strong Finance Function

A strong finance function is a great asset in any organisation irrespective of size. So what does this look like?

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