Seven lasting benefits of working with a coach

I want to talk about the lasting benefits of working with a coach. Often people think of coaching as a remedy to fix a problem and yes, this can be true. There are lasting benefits though.  Coaching is a way of working towards being the best you that you can be. So, whatever work you do, why wouldn’t you want to do that?

What lasting benefits are there?

Lasting benefits #1 increased self-awareness

Increased awareness of how you think and behave is fundamental to any choice to make changes.  The work that you do with a coach enables you to explore patterns in your thinking and behaviour.  It allows you to understand what works well and make choices about how you maximise that. It also explores what doesn’t work so well and what you can do about that.

Understanding yourself better improves the relationships you have with others. This is vital for anyone who works in a role that needs them to work with other people.

Lasting benefits #2 the gift of being listened to

When was the last time you felt truly listened to? For many people life, and particularly work is fast paced and busy. We don’t have time to really listen to others and they don’t have time to listen to us.

Working with a coach whose role it is to listen to you at a deep level is a true gift. Often when we work through stuff (whatever that may mean!) simply talking out loud and knowing you are being listened to is amazingly helpful to find a way through.

Lasting benefits #3 freedom of expression

A coach has no vested interest in whatever it is you are working on. They are there to work with you and listen to whatever you have to say about what is going on for you. It frees you to express your true views and feelings. You may realise that you were not fully aware of how you felt or what you truly thought until you were able to freely express yourself.

The clarity here helps you with the current situation and has longer term benefits for you as you are able to access your true thoughts and feelings.

Lasting benefits #4 creativity

In your work together a coach brings new ways to explore the topic or issue you are working on. This creativity is infectious, and you will find insights and perspectives you didn’t have before.  This opens up new options for you to take things forward.

You can find inspiration from this creativity to take to how you work with others. Like all the benefits of working with a coach they last way beyond the time you spend with your coach.

Lasting benefits #5 better understanding of others

Whatever work you do it is likely to involve working with others.  A coach helps you to look at the different perspectives of any situation. This builds your understanding of the behaviour and thinking of the other people involved.

Exploring the differences in what people need and what they bring to any situation enables you to identify options that can work for those involved.  It is then more likely that you will be able to move forward together.

Lasting benefits #6 confidence

Our minds focus more on negatives than positives. This can lead us to overlook all the great things that we can do and have achieved. Our confidence can be knocked as a result.

Working with a coach brings what you have achieved and can do back into focus as part of exploring what you are working on. Recognising what you have done in the past brings increased confidence in tackling future challenges. Even where these are new there are previous experiences that will support us.

Lasting benefits #7 tough conversations

None of us are perfect. Work towards being the best we can be is not easy. It involves us facing into some difficult things about ourselves. A coach will have these tough conversations with you and through this comes all the benefits I have already described.

The additional benefit here is learning how to handle tough conversations. It makes us more able and likely to face into other tough conversations we need to have sooner.


These are seven amazing and long-lasting benefits of working with a coach. We are all unique and a coach honours that in working with us. Here’s to all of us in our work to keep learning and be the best we can be.



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